Video Courtesy the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America

Hello, my name’s Bill Hammons, I’m the Chairman of the Unity Party of America, and I’d just like to take a minute to invite everyone to the 2020 United National Convention of the Unity Party of America, which will be held in Broomfield, Colorado on Saturday April 4th, concurrently with the Unity Party of Colorado State Nominating Convention.

To sum up the details which you can find at, the morning session will include presentations on innovative election systems, a Colorado Uniter US Senate Debate, voting on proposed amendments to the Unity Party of Colorado Constitution, then voting on the Unity Party of Colorado’s nominees for 2020, all of whom will be placed directly onto the General Election ballot by a show of hands (note that we have three candidates vying for the party’s US Senate nomination alone).

Then, starting at 1 in the afternoon in the same space, the national party membership will be voting on proposed amendments to the Unity Party of America platform, then on our Presidential nominee, then on our Vice Presidential nominee (note that our Presidential ticket might appear as high as the #3 slot in the State of Colorado, and also note that I’ve already had members from as far away as Florida confirming that they’ve bought their plane tickets to come here in April).

As always, we need your donations, folks.  We are promoting this event on Facebook, and this is a prime opportunity to get more of our fellow citizens involved. to donate and learn more. Thanks for your time, and see you in Broomfield April 4th!

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