This official website of the United National Committee of the Unity Party of America,, was started in the Spring of 2004 as the official website of Unity Runners.

This site has been completely reset twice over the last 15 years and was most recently reset in WordPress, a Web publishing platform increasingly popular with ambitious Web operations such as ours. As of October 2019, the sitewide background image is solid sky blue (we like to think there’s nothing but blue skies ahead for us as well as the nation as a whole).

2 thoughts on “Unity Party Website

  1. As a former veteran and a 70-year-old “common sense” individual, I find many aspects of your party philosophy and platform attractive. Politically, I have gone from a Progressive Republican to a Conservative Democrat to a Critical Independent; plus, being a man of faith, I have a certain concern for personal character and moral, religious, and social issues. Consequently, I vote on the basis of the candidate’s character and policies, not on the basis of his party. Now, I notice that in your platform you affirm four of the twelve Constitutional “Bill of Rights,” but say little about the others. However, these days, there are troublesome encroachments being made on the 1st Amendment by both the Left and the Right. One never wants to make any conclusion on the basis of an argument from silence, but I assume you uphold the 1st Amendment as much as the ones mentioned in your platform, correct?

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