Young United (Under 18 & Above Divides)

Welcome to Young United, the organization for Uniters Under 18 and Above Divides!

If you wish to be listed on this page and/or elsewhere on this or other official Unity Party websites (e.g.,,, etc.), just email while being sure to notify your parents and keep them in the loop (and encourage them to join the Unity Party as well)!

Young United Charter Members:

Note that Colorado is at least one state where you can pre-register (starting at age 16) to vote in elections after you turn 18, and we’re trumpeting the fact that the “Unity” voter registrations of all ages have continued to gain momentum. Also, there is no current legal minimum to make a Federal political contribution to a party or campaign. So pre-register to vote with us today and donate (we accept donations from Citizens 16 and above)!