Repeal of Repeal of Minimum Voting and Donating Ages Platform Plank

Amendment XV to the Constitution of the Unity Party of America, “Make Minimum Voting and Donating Ages 16,” is hereby repealed.

Entire Official Platform of the Unity Party of America as Adopted at last National Convention

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  1. Don

    I am not a member of your party, but I do have a question, according to the 15th amendment has nothing to do with age, that is the 26th amendment. So I am unclear what you are referring to by making the minimum voting and donating ages 16. Also, I believe that 18 is young enough for the right to vote. While 16 might appeal to some, I am not sure that they are able to grasp the concepts of the issues that will direct the future of this country.

    1. billhammons

      That’s the 15th Amendment to the *Unity Party* Constitution. As noted, the proposal to lower the voting age to 16 while raising the donor age to 16 (the current Federal minimum donor age is 0) was repealed at the last Convention.

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