Proposed by Uniter Chris Otwell

Below is one of several Proposed Amendments to the Unity Party Platform, to be voted on at the next national Unity Party Convention (in 2020):

All States shall have open and available voting for all Federal Elections during 28 days which shall end with either Presidents Day on February 22nd or Veterans Day on November 11th. These voting cycles would produce the results for all Primary Elections, Caucuses, and General Elections.

  • Requires that all 50 States to use the same election date(s).
  • Changes the day of the week from Tuesday for Election Day to a dedicated calendar date that does not move each year.
  • Better organizes the Primary voting sessions, so that each state has a more equal say in the final results by having all States use the same primary voting date.
  • Opens up multiple days for voting in many states, encouraging voters to turn in greater numbers for all elections.
  • Encourages the idea that many people should be an option for voting among all of the states, and discourage that idea that voting will winnow options for people to consider
  • Encourages the idea that multiple candidates can get election votes, and how Approval Voting can help nationally elected positions.
  • Eliminates the current flawed primary election process, in which New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina have such a tremendous amount of control and power over the ultimate General Election options of the other states’ voters. Traditionally, winnowing of the field by these 3 states has meant that only 1 or 2 candidates are viable in national elections for consideration.

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