Proposed Amendments to the Unity Party Platform, to be voted on at the next national Unity Party Convention (in 2020):

1. Approval Voting

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

Unity proposes the adoption of Approval Voting, defined as allowing voters to vote for more than one option with the winning option having the broadest possible support, as the official voting method for all votes from internal party votes to state and national votes.

2. Unity Party for a United America

[Proposed by Uniter Don Sathers]

The Mission Statement of the Unity Party of America shall be “Unity shall strive for a United America where peoples of all parties and backgrounds shall come together on common ground and move forward together as a nation to create a better country for current and future generations of Americans.

3. Repeal of Amendment XV

[Proposed by Uniter Don Sathers]

Amendment XV to the Constitution of the Unity Party of America, “Make Minimum Voting and Donating Ages 16”, is hereby repealed.

4. Student Loan Freedom

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

Unity supports the free market, supports the freedom to get a good education, and therefore supports the Federal government guaranteeing extremely low interest rates on current and future Student Loans, with no profiteering.

5. Support for the First Amendment Right to Assemble

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

In the spirit of the First Amendment right “of the people peaceably to assemble,” Unity supports the Right of Ballot Access for all Political Parties as well as the Right of Collective Bargaining for all Unions.

6. Better Voting for Public Elections

[Proposed by Uniter Gary Swing]

Unity supports the exploration of more sophisticated, more representative voting methods. 

Approval voting, range voting, or STAR voting are better methods for electing single member executive offices such as President, governors, and mayors. 

Legislative offices should be elected by proportional representation. This includes Congress, state legislatures, boards, and councils.

7. Proportional Representation for the Election of Congress, State Legislatures, Councils, and Board members

[Proposed by Uniter Gary Swing]

8. Amend “XVII. Call for DC Statehood” to read:

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

XVII. Create Lincoln, D.C. and State of New Columbia

Ditch the swamp by moving the nation’s capital to Colorado and naming it after another great President. Taxation without Representation for Hundreds of Thousands of American Citizens in the City of Washington is symbolic of the dysfunction of the two-party duopoly; the Unity Party also supports City of Washington Statehood with appropriate provisions for Federal property.

9. Replace the phrase “global warming” in “IV. Eliminate the Federal Income Tax” and “VIII. Free and Fair Trade” with “climate change”.

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

10. Tax Reform

[Proposed by Uniter Critter Milton]

Amendment IV to the Constitution of the Unity Party of America should be reoworded to read Unity supports tax reform to ensure appropriate contribution equity for all Americans“.

11. Unity Party Candidates Shall Abide by the Candidate Code of Conduct (CCC)

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

  1. No Unity Party Candidate shall run negative advertising against a fellow Uniter or others.
  2. No Unity Party Candidate shall engage in personal attacks against a fellow Uniter or others.
  3. When attacked, Unity Party Candidates shall only counter incorrect information with facts.
  4. Unity Party Candidates shall neither lie nor mislead, whether on the stump or in advertising.
  5. Unity Party Candidates shall put Country Before Power, knowing we’re all in this together.

12. Congressional Term Limits

[Proposed by Uniter Don Sather]

Amendment IX to the Constitution of the Unity Party of America, “Term Limits”, shall be retitled to “Congressional Term Limits” and shall be amended to read, “Unity supports limiting US Senators to two six-year terms in office, and limiting US Representatives to four three-year terms in office, with one-third of US House seats to be up for election every year.”

13. Nationally Synchronized Voting

[Proposed by Uniter Chris Otwell]

All States shall have open and available voting for all Federal Elections during 28 days which shall end with either Presidents Day on February 22nd or Veterans Day on November 11th. These voting cycles would produce the results for all Primary Elections, Caucuses, and General Elections.

14. Personal Liberty

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

Unity believes that the government should respect individual Liberty first and foremost, and that this Principle should apply to Reproductive Rights and the Right to Die.

15. Marijiuana Legalization

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

Unity supports the legalization of marijuana at the Federal level for both recreational and medical use.

16. American Immigration

[Proposed by Uniter Bill Hammons]

Unity acknowledges that America is a nation of immigrants, and supports continued limited legal immigration balanced with robust foreign aid and direction for troubled nations which, now or in the future, are or will be sources of destabilizing illegal immigration.

17. Stronger Support of Our Military

[Proposed by Uniter Don Sather]

Amendment VII to the Constitution of the Unity Party of America, “Supporting our Military”, shall be reworded to read, “Unity supports our military service members, both active duty and retired, the many brave men and women who have honorably defended our great nation. Unity supports all efforts to get our military better healthcare and retirement benefits as well as making it easier for all veterans to get access to the benefits they need, no questions asked. In addition, Unity will support withdrawal from overseas and a conversion of American military personnel to a Reserve Force in coming decades as the military becomes more automated.”

18. Save the Earth Campuses

[Proposed by Uniter Don Sather]

19. Native American Representation in Congress

[Proposed by Uniter Don Sather]

Unity supports collective representation of Native American tribes in Congress by 2 United States Senators and 4 US House Representatives, the Districts of the Representatives to be divided along the Mississippi River.

20. Preservation, Conservation, UBI, Medicaid/Medicare, Retirement Benefits

[Proposed by Uniter Paul Noel Fiorino]

Unity supports preservation of our water systems, conservation, and a Universal Basic Income with Medicaid/Medicare for all. Retirement benefit credits should be provided to retired Americans for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

21. Renewable Energy

[Proposed by Uniter Paul Noel Fiorino]

Unity supports research on creative applications of sustainable and renewable energy sources.

22. Arts and Humanities for All

[Proposed by Uniter Paul Noel Fiorino]

Unity supports the Arts and Humanities for All.

23. Respect for Underprivileged & Underrepresented Communities

[Proposed by Stephan “Seku” Evans]

The Unity Party of America will work to Unite America by empowering underprivileged and underrepresented communities.

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    Gary Swing

    1) I support approval voting for internal party election of officers and nomination of candidates. I support range voting for public election of single seat executive offices, unless they are appointed by legislators under a parliamentary system. I support proportional representation for the election of Congress, state legislatures, councils, and board members. Proportional representation is essential for providing fair representation of a politically diverse electorate.

    2) I support statehood for DC and Puerto Rico. If DC, Puerto Rico, and Virginia Islands all become states, the US would have 53 states. Fifty-three is a prime number. Then the United States would truly be “one nation, indivisible.” 😉

    I don’t think derogatory language like “drain the swamp” should be in a party platform.

    I disagree with a proposal to move the nation’s capitol to Colorado.

    3) I agree with using the term “climate change.”

    1. billhammons

      Gary, your comments incorporated as preliminary platform proposals. You were saying elsewhere about bringing in a speaker to give a talk explaining proportional representation?

  2. Avatar
    Gary Swing

    My comment should say Virgin Islands, not Virginia Islands.

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