Eliminate the Federal Income Tax

Unity supports replacing federal income taxes with a revenue measure based on the carbon content of fossil fuels as a simple way of balancing the budget, combating Climate Change, and encouraging the development of alternative energy sources. A reduction in fossil fuel consumption would enhance American power abroad by making this nation less dependent on foreign sources of oil.

Entire Official Platform of the Unity Party of America as Adopted at last National Convention

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  1. Fred Lawrence

    To make any tax system fair it needs to be progressive in nature. I am for a tax against gross income of individuals and corporations (no deductions or credits) that has graduated bracket levels similar to what we have today. The tax rates would be much lower since it is against gross income. The rates could start as low as 1% and progress up to as high as 25% for people making over the top bracket. This would eliminate all the fraud and pork currently in the tax system. It would have to be implemented over time to prevent total chaos in the employment market for those in the tax preparation industry.

  2. As stated Taxes should be flipped with taxing only the top 23%. Go after all money in offshore accounts. An allow other countries to get Income taxes as we allow from corps and companies abroad. Global warming is going to get us all very soon. Carbin tax needs doubled and quadruple with some type of abusers. Shell Oil for one. Overhaul Va and strengthen science and medicine with the tax structures of big oil. Everyone bet total Education and health care. Restitution for the African American can be handled with 25 acres of BLM land. Let Indiana have 100% control of the National parks.

  3. Dustin H

    I’m looking to support a well thought out centrist party. I agree with several of your key positions, but this platform plank is far too unrealistic, much further left that the Democrats regarding fossil fuels. I like the idea of shifting the tax base to taxing consumption rather than income, but this is far too narrow.

    1. billhammons

      “Too unrealistic” but “far too narrow.”


  4. Joel Armstrong

    I agree with Burma and Gadfly. I think a no-loophole, flat tax for the top 75% of incomes would be the way to go.

  5. Burmashave

    A fair tax across the board would raise more revenue.

  6. SocraticGadfly

    No way a carbon tax raises that much money.

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