Balanced Budget Amendment

Unity supports the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment in the interests of the nation’s fiscal and economic health. Any short-term stimulative benefits gained by deficit spending are far outweighed by the long-term damage that spending inflicts on the economy. It’s time to stop spending our children’s inheritance, and it’s time for the state legislatures to apply to Congress for a new Constitutional Convention to pass this and other amendments, per Article V of the US Constitution.

Entire Official Platform of the Unity Party of America as Adopted at last National Convention

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  1. Fred Lawrence

    The Balanced Budget is a tricky double edged sword. If legislation is passed that requires a Balanced Budget, then you have to understand that there is not enough expense cuts available, without doing serious damage to our security and national defense, to balance the budget based on the current income that comes in. There would have to be serious tax increases. Also, when wars, peace keeping events, building walls on our borders, hurricanes, national disasters happen, COVID – 19 like events happen, etc. they have to be paid for. Under a balance budget program these would not be in the budget; thus would require either an immediate tax to be imposed on everyone or those items would have to be ignored. So it is not as simple as it looks. It would be nice, but it is complicated.

  2. This is a secondary condition and has nothing to do with the budget but Wherewithall of creation. That comes from the creativity of the aesthetics of creation. One may not need to widen the road before he has a new wider model of the car… Printing money may not help but creating it is. Let people create is a simple solution. Tax the most wealthy (1.c)and Trinkle down the percent to 72.99. lower will need not file income tax with the IRS. Have a sales tax that is in place equally in all states. Include sales tax on home for over a certain amount; 477,000.00 nationally to go to each state. Corporations will need to send or tax their profits. All out of Country tax shelters will need to pay 36% tax to mone it back into this country. That will increase by 9% per year until 72% is reached. Corporations need to pay taxes in each country where they have workers. As well as all other items as Workman comp. And Unemployment and ss tax. It is not the way we spend people’s money; it is how we recover its benefit. Basically, we need to get rid of the fed after we audit and deal with this out-pointed group. Downsize the IRS and let states handle the money. Giving to the fed as needed. Not the other way around. A special second V.P will be needed to handle the Military. Ist V.P. will handle the country. The president need not do all the work of the people. Only when the V.P. asks.

  3. Bill Conklage

    Hi Bill,

    From one Bill to another, I have to say I really find your policies . Especially the one about government intervention, which was very. I do have one question though. I really do help/hope that this website and campagin is ideal. I hope your campaign treads well along the treacherous treads of humanity that will lead you to the path on which you shall tread forward into a new land that is, of course, for opportunity, your hands are filled with determination (quite astute, by the way) and I look forward and up to seeing you in the future.

    See you soon,

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