The American Space Program

Unity supports a focused, efficient and aggressive US space program which leads the world. An American space program that sets the pace will not only inspire Humankind, but will lead to many short and long-term benefits for our nation. Space exploration and the eventual building of colonies on the moon, Mars and planets beyond will provide us with the ‘life jacket’ Humankind might need.

Entire Official Platform of the Unity Party of America as Adopted at last National Convention

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  1. Ben England

    A US government space program will not be funded by revoking the Federal Income Tax, also part of your platform! NASA has a lot of smart people working for it, but it is obsolete and wastes a ton of money, mainly to support senators in their re-election campaigns. I think the US government should be removing obstacles to private companies that want to provide transportation to space and exploit natural resources there. The US government can fund some long-term scientific research in this area, should provide some minimal regulation for public safety and to encourage competition, and should protect US against other countries that seek to monopolize access to space or militarize space, but the US government should not be in the space business.

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