As of our April 2016 national convention in Colorado, the Unity Party of America has 18 official positions enshrined in our Party Constitution, listed below.

Note that there is also a growing list of proposed planks to be voted on at the 2020 convention (suggestions and input from the general voting public are welcome). Also note that you can click on the hyperlinked text of any plank to be taken to that plank’s specific page for commenting.

I. Balanced Budget Amendment

Unity supports the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment in the interests of the nation’s fiscal and economic health. Any short-term stimulative benefits gained by deficit spending are far outweighed by the long-term damage that spending inflicts on the economy. It’s time to stop spending our children’s inheritance, and it’s time for the state legislatures to apply to Congress for a new Constitutional Convention to pass this and other amendments, per Article V of the US Constitution.

II. Affirm the 2nd Amendment

The Unity Party of America affirms the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

III. Affirm the 4th Amendment

The Unity Party of America affirms the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects shall not be violated.

IV. Eliminate the Federal Income Tax

Unity supports replacing federal income taxes with a revenue measure based on the carbon content of fossil fuels as a simple way of balancing the budget, combating global warming, and encouraging the development of alternative energy sources. A reduction in fossil fuel consumption would enhance American power abroad by making this nation less dependent on foreign sources of oil.

V. Health Care Tax Deduction

Unity supports a full tax deduction for the health care costs of all Americans forced to pay for their own health coverage.

VI. Social Security Tithe Pool

Unity supports the replacement of federal payroll taxes with a “tithe pool” of less than 10% of earned income. At the end of every fiscal year, the pool of revenues collected that year would be apportioned to guarantee Social Security benefits, Medicare, and other entitlement programs for the following calendar year.

VII. Supporting our Military

Unity supports our military service members, both active duty and retired, the many brave men and women who have honorably defended our great nation. Unity supports all efforts to get our military better healthcare and retirement benefits as well as making it easier for all veterans to get access to the benefits they need, no question asked.

VIII. Free and Fair Trade

Unity supports global free trade in the interest of long-term economic development, so long as provisions are made for a Global Minimum Wage to protect workers both here and abroad, and for carbon tariffs to fight global warming and protect American manufacturers.

IX. Term Limits

Unity supports limiting US Senators to two six-year terms in office, and limiting US Representatives to four two-year terms in office.

X. Judicial Term Limits

Unity supports an amendment to the US Constitution which imposes term limits of 12 years on Federal Judges, including US Supreme Court Justices.

XI. Enhance Electoral Security

In this age of hackers and other criminals willing to do anything to advance their own agenda and subvert American democracy, Unity supports the requirement that all individual votes in Federal elections, whether they be cast electronically or by other means, be recorded with paper receipts.

XII. Judges, not Gerrymandering

Unity supports outlawing the drawing of legislative districts along partisan lines, and supports the appointment of panels of retired judges to draw the boundaries of legislative districts.

XIII. Put Campaign Finance on Solid Foundation

Unity declares that all Federal political contributions, whether they be spent directly or indirectly on campaigns for Federal office, should be reported on a timely basis in terms of individual source and should be limited to no more than the current limit of $2,700 per individual donor, adjusted for inflation going forward; if corporations are real people and money is speech, corporations should be held to the same standards as real people and money still can’t be tossed onto the roaring bonfire of corruption threatening the very structures at the heart of American democracy.

XIV. Resign to Run

To give the American Taxpayer relief from subsidizing the careers of incumbent officeholders, elected Federal officials seeking office higher than the one they currently hold should resign immediately upon filing for a primary election; the timing of such resignations would allow for the holding of replacement elections in a seamless and efficient manner.

XV. Make Minimum Voting and Donating Ages 16

When Americans are old enough to drive at 16, they’re old enough to make political donations and vote in elections; conversely, Americans should not be able to make political donations if they’re not allowed to vote in the first place.

XVI. The American Space Program

Unity supports a focused, efficient and aggressive US space program which leads the world. An American space program that sets the pace will not only inspire Humankind, but will lead to many short and long-term benefits for our nation. Space exploration and the eventual building of colonies on the moon, Mars and planets beyond will provide us with the ‘life jacket’ Humankind might need.

XVII. Call for DC Statehood

Taxation without Representation for Hundreds of Thousands of American Citizens in the US Capital is symbolic of the dysfunction of the two-party duopoly; the Unity Party supports DC Statehood with appropriate provisions for Federal property.

XVIII. Self-Determination of All Peoples

Unity supports the right of self-determination for all Peoples, including their right to establish new States within the United States of America as appropriate.

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    I agree with or can compromise closely with most of your planks.

    On the second amendment, does this mean that you would strike down State restrictions on non-felon US Citizens’ right to keep and bear arms? I’d hope so.

    Strongly disagree the voting age, and surprised this one is not obvious. Far from lowering the voting age, we should be raising it to 21 (or, in my dreams, 25). Basic biology, and everyday observation tell us that brains aren’t fully developed at age 16, or even 18. I wasn’t well qualified to vote at either age, and I followed politics more closely and studied public policy earlier than most. Adding in consideration of the life experiences that people typically have at given ages in our current society, already the majority of us Citizens aged 18-21 are no longer engaged or seriously pursuing marriage, raising children, working full-time and paying real taxes, or anything that many people that age used to do and know about.

    Ending on a positive note, your concept of allowing new States is wonderful. Good for you. We need new States AND a return to the tenth amendment.

    This freedom is essential to avoiding further, heightened political, social, and even racial conflict that will come if we keep insisting on forcing peoples to live together who are too disparate. Prime candidates for new States would be the inland eastern portion of Washington State, Eastern Oregon, the Northern third of CA.

    Let the people of LA, SF, NYC, Seattle, and the like go farther left in their laws, policies, and lifestyles if their people consistently vote for it. City-States for our era.

    We need to just respect the Tenth Amendment rule of decentralization, for a change — left and right and Everyone agree not to enforce anyone’s economic or social values on other Regions. This will defuse the current winner-take-all deathmatch where victory means forcing 350 million people to abide by laws and mores they detest, and losing means being forced to abide by someone else’s.

    Conversely, let the other parts of those States go more conservative freer-market, or libertarian free market, or more populist right, socially conservative social-democracy, etc., as they choose. For example in the new state of Western New York (minus NYC and Long Island), in Downstate Illinois, or Pennsylvania minus Philly Area (dare we dream).

    More people could find a local culture, and laws, more aligned with their needs, priorities, and moral values, and without moving far away and abandoning their hometown or family home to do it. They’d stay right where there are and their preferred bundle of laws and social mores will come to them in the form of a new State with more compatible people.

    Unity doesn’t mean forcing everyone in the vast country to think, live, act, speak, trade, and legislate the same. Your endorsement of the freedom to form new States suggests that you are aware of that 🙂

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    What are your positions regarding our educational systems in the United States? I am a Teacher and am interested to hear them.

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