The Unity Party of America, the fastest growing party in the United States in terms of membership, candidates and votes, aspires one day to be the First Party of America, forging a broad coalition of Common Sense in Washington and throughout the country. The First Party will leave it to the Democrats and Republicans, the Second Parties, to continue to play to the fringes. Just watch.

For proof, below are the latest web traffic rankings provided by, an Amazon-owed web stats provider. Listed are the 13 US political parties and their national committee websites which have fielded a 2020 Presidential ticket on the ballot in at least three States.

  1. Republican Party > (#60,271)
  2. Democratic Party > (#81,175)
  3. Unity Party of America > (#149,470)
  4. Libertarian Party > (#199,939)
  5. Green Party > (#401,144)
  6. Party for Socialism & Liberation > (#1,301,877)
  7. Constitution Party > (#1,306,712)
  8. American Solidarity Party > (#2,125,712)
  9. Alliance Party > (#2.493,463)
  10. Life and Liberty Party > (#5,216,883)
  11. Prohibition Party > (“No Rank Data”)
  12. Birthday Party > No Website
  13. Socialist Workers Party >  No Website

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