About the Unity Party of America

The Unity Party of America was founded on November 4, 2004 (the day after that year's Presidential Election) for Our Principles (from the beginning, we have stood for Common Sense like Balanced Budgets and Term Limits) and we now have a Membership in 37 States and counting.

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The strength of a Party is its Unity. Connect with these fellow Unity Party members and/or supporters via their LinkedIn profiles (and if you're a Unity Party member, send us your profile link!):

  1. Bill Hammons, Unity Parties of America and Colorado Chairman
  2. Joe Gibbs, Unity Parties of America and Colorado Communications Director
  3. Michael Frisbee, Georgia Representative on United National Committee
  4. Steven Danielsen, Unity Party of DeKalb County, Illinois Chairman
  5. Kyle Moon, Unity Party of Salt Lake County, Utah Chairman
  6. Tim Bradshaw, Unity Party of Virginia Vice Chairman
  7. Kelsey Mracek, Unity Party of Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana Chairwoman
  8. Paul Malykont, Unity Party of San Luis Obispo County, California Chairman
  9. Clarence Shubert, Virginia State Chairman
  10. JP Driessen, Unity Party of Maricopa County, Arizona Chairman
  11. Shanna Sparks, Former Univ. of Colorado Co-Coordinator at Hammons for Congress
  12. Michael Darden, Unity Party of America Communications Director
  13. Jack Cukjati, Unity Party of Escambia County, Florida Chairman
  14. Cameron Miller, Unity Party of Clayton County, Georgia Chairman
  15. Eric Bodenstab, Boulder County, Colo. Chairman and former City Council Candidate
  16. Levi Hancock, first Unity Party Gubernatorial Candidate (Colorado)
  17. Mike Nelson, first Unity Party Candidate for Colorado's 4th Congressional District
  18. Ray Roman, first Unity Party Candidate for US Senate
  19. Rob Corn, Unity Party of Arapahoe County, Colorado Chairman
  20. Andrew Ross, Unity Party of Jefferson County, Colorado Chairman

Unity Party Platform. The Unity Party of America believes that through hard work and cooperation, Americans will be better able to preserve the promise of liberty and equality. The Unity Party Platform offers common sense solutions to today's most fundamental challenges.

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Unity Party History. From the beginning, the Unity Party of America has been dedicated to the common goals of every American. Through grass roots advocacy the Unity Party has been able to stand up for and champion our democratic ideals.

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Unity Party Candidates. Unity Party candidates represent American diversity and strength. Unity Party candidates are veterans, teachers, small business owners and blue collar workers; they are concerned citizens who are willing to stand up for the foundations that America was built upon.

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